Environmental Code Of Conduct


All boat owners, guests and visitors of the marina shall respect the Environmental Code of Conduct.

Waste Treatment

It is not allowed to throw the garbage and other waste material off the boat. All the garbage and waste material have to be collected separately in the specified containers in the marina.

Danger Waste Materials Management

Danger waste materials such as: waste oils, drums, filters and batteries shall be placed into the specialized containers located within the ecological points in the marina. Any discharge of solid or liquid wastes (including bilge water, sewage or grey water) or other pollutants into the waters of the marina is prohibited and shall be punished according the national law.

Communication in Case of Pollution

All pollution incidents (unauthorised discharge into the sea or on land), unauthorised waste
disposal or any other disrespect of this Code of Conduct have to be reported to the marina reception or any other marina staff member (Ch. 17 – VHF).

Use of the Toilettes

Boat toilets shall not be used while the vessel is in the marina. All visitors and guests shall exclusively use public toilettes located within the marina.

Rational Use of Electricity and Water

Upon departure all the electricity and water supply shall be switched off, while all the cord and hose extension sets shall be disconnected. All used components shall be in good condition and in accordance with the national regulations. The water system connection shall be established only with the flawless hose equipped with the closing valve at the end.

Order and Peace

It is not allowed to perform any noisy activities and/or work that may interfere with the wellbeing of other marina guests or visitors.

Environmental Awareness

All marina guests and visitors shall encourage friends and family members to preserve the environment and to respect the present Code of Conduct.

Izola, 1.8.2021

Porting d.o.o., Marina Management