MarinaUp List of Rules

  1. These rules apply to all owners of vessels, authorised users of vessels and users of moorings, and persons residing or for any other reason moving within the marina area.
  2. Upon arrival on board, everyone is required to check in at the reception, present their identity card and pay the tourist tax if they are staying overnight on board. On arrival at the marina, anyone who does not have a Marina Accommodation Contract shall present the vessel’s registration sheet to the Duty Seaman at the pier.
  3. Cars, semi-trucks, trucks and trailers may be parked in the marina area only in designated parking areas in accordance with traffic regulations and the instructions of the marina staff.
  4. Any equipment brought in or taken out must be declared on the “Equipment Inventory” at the marina reception.
  5. The use of the ship’s toilet without a fitted waste water tank is strictly prohibited while in the marina.
  6. Waste oil, petroleum or residues of oily products or detergents may only be disposed of in designated containers as directed by the marina manager. Any spillage into the sea is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. The person responsible for the incident shall immediately inform the staff on duty.
  7. It is forbidden to light fires or otherwise endanger fire safety in the marina area.
  8. On board each vessel, the owner or berth-occupier shall have fire-fighting equipment and means of extinguishing fire in good working order.
  9. All visitors are obliged to familiarise themselves with the current Fire Regulations of the marina or an extract thereof, which is displayed on the notice board.
  10. No boating, swimming, windsurfing, rowing or fishing is allowed in the marina. The maximum sailing speed shall not exceed 2 knots.
  11. Anchoring is prohibited in the marina area.
  12. After leaving the boat, it is obligatory to disconnect the electrical and plumbing systems from the junction boxes.
  13. Only connections with seamless electrical cables and with the power allowed at the socket of the electrical junction box shall be allowed at the electrical junction box.
  14. Connection to the plumbing shall only be made with a seamless hose with a stop valve in place.
  15. Auxiliary boats, surfboards and other equipment may not be kept on piers, lawns or in the sea, but only in a designated area.
  16. The vessel must always be moored in a manner customary in nautical tourism ports and in accordance with the instructions of the marina staff.
  17. All ropes with which the vessel is equipped shall be of good quality and of sufficient length to ensure that the vessel is moored efficiently and in a suitable and correct manner. The lines shall not interfere with the passage of other vessels or the moorings of other vessels.
  18. Domestic animals may be allowed in the marina area for the time required for embarking and disembarking; dogs must be kept on a lead and must wear a muzzle. The handler of the dog must carry equipment for cleaning dog faeces.
  19. Hanging laundry is not allowed in the marina.
  20. No special signs or markings for sale shall be erected in the marina without the approval of the marina manager.
  21. Work carried out on board must not interfere with other marina guests.
  22. This Marina Rules of Order and Conduct shall be accepted on arrival at the marina and shall be displayed in the reception area and on the central notice board in the marina.
  23. All noisy work and activities that may disturb the peace and well-being of other guests or visitors are prohibited.
  24. All comments and complaints are forwarded to the marina reception or entered in the complaints book.
  25. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  26. Unauthorised persons are not allowed in the working area of lifts and other transport equipment.
  27. Underwater sanding of the underwater part of the hull shall only be permitted with the use of a suitable vacuum cleaner.
  28. Use of ladders is at your own risk.
  29. Any commercial, trade or professional activity not previously authorised in writing by the marina manager is strictly prohibited.
  30. For any maintenance work, you must obtain the vessel’s keys from the marina reception and report to the seaman on duty at the quayside.
  31. Violation of this regulation may result in the marina refusing hospitality to a guest of the marina or refusing a berth to a berth user.



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